Jim Rhon says: “for every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward.” In this year as we are pushing the limits and accomplishing all that God has put inside of us to do, It’s crucial that we remember there is no success without sacrifice.

Your dream will cost you… sleep, money, time, resources and even comfortability. But isn’t that the point? When you or I am fulfilling a purpose, we are doing something greater than ourselves, usually costing more than we typically have to give.

So today as you make that PB&J sandwich, miss that party, or miss funny moments on social media; remember your goal, your purpose, and your aspiration. Peace

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We are now half way through the year and​ my friend… it’s time to put our goals into summer school. June is a half way marker to see if your desires for the year are beginning to bloom. If your asking yourself what goal, then I’m talking to you! 

This is a year of release and many of you saw big and wonderful things happening in your life by this time, but we are going to talk about the fact that “it” hadn’t happened yet.  When the dream didn’t manifest, you put the dream away, but God sent me here today to tell you it’s not too late!

God still intends on doing amazing things in your life but you have to put your goal back in the game. Traditional school may be out but summer school has just began. Buckle down, be prepared to do more work, and register today. Your purpose is worth it! Our God supercededs tradition so Sacrifice fun for fulfillment.  Pull out your passion and go to work!! Peace

Selah  #SLiM speak truth live truth



You don’t have to go through 2017 trying to figure out the next step on your own. Join me every day for a daily devotion… this year we are reading through the Bible. I guarantee it will change your life! Enjoy

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It’s Time to get Disciplined

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment- Jim Rhon.

My father taught me as a child to sacrifice now for what I desire later. For example, if I want a car, sacrifice getting a $40-50 Mani-Pedi every two weeks so that in a year ill have over 1000 dollars to put down on the car that I want. As a mother, student, teacher, wife, pastor, friend, sister, and more… I make a choice every day to get up and work on my passions. There is not a day that can go by that I don’t get homework done, feed my children, or blog because these things are stepping stones which lead down the road I said to God that I wanted to travel. Will every day be perfect? No! But when you put your faith to work consistently, then God does the rest. Today I challenge you to stay on the path… if you have a goal, dream, or passion don’t abandon it. You know what it will take so pick up the shovel and get to digging! Peace

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Psalms 91 day “he that dwells in the secret place”

Do you have a secret place with God? A place where you not only go to talk to God but also a place where you go to hear what it is that God wants to tell you. I’m often asked how do you hear from God?

1. be still



4.keep your eyes and heart open

I guarantee 100% that if you do those things you will hear God.  God not only wants to hear your heart but he wants you to hear His. TODAY… make a secret place for God. Peace

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All in a day’s work

Dale Carnegie- Remember happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely on what you think.

The Bible says “as a man thinks so is he”

You and I can be confident and full of joy every day, but we must make a choice to do so. With every situation, we have an opportunity to see the love of God in our life or else the kids, medical appointments, work, school, chores, marriage, singlehood, anger, frustration and more will throw us into a sink whole of defeat. How do we choose to be happy?

  1. Take 5 minutes to yourself and be quiet– slow down your thoughts for a moment and try your best not to think about the problem.
  2. Have an outlet– journal, scream in your car, walk around the block…. Whatever it is you must find a way to freely express yourself without the person or issue present
  3. Forgive– forgive yourself for making the mistake, forgive the person for making you mad

Peace #SLiM @intimacychurch


Jim Rhon- “Happiness is not something you postpone for the the future; it’s something you design for the present.” 

So, I pose the question today – why aren’t you happy?  What obstacle do you believe stands between you and the life you want yourself? If you do not know the answer to that question then may I suggest that you have identified the first problem? Knowing the “issue” is as just as important as knowing the desired solution. Knowing what’s wrong is like wearing an armor of protection, so that when wrong comes knocking on your door, you will not answer!

Tonight, I challenge you to make a list of what makes you happy, then on the other side of the page write what makes you mad. Once you can see a substantial list, you can do a mental evaluation to see if you are entertaining things in your life that bring happiness or pain.  You don’t have to conquer the list in one day, but if you choose to make something on your “happy”  list exist in your life every day, I guarantee you will be better for it. Peace


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Looks can be deciving

If you are a Christian, it crucial that you develop a relationship with God for yourself. While going to church, and fellowshipping are fortifying to your relationship and walk with God, you should never negate the responsibility you have to become knowledgeable about who God is. The Bible is our gift as Christians to see various dimensions of God. The problem with relying on a person for your salvation is that people are flawed, we as a human beings are incapable of being faultless. So basing a divine relationship with a broken person, is a surefire way of having a life full of confusion and pain. God loves you enough to speak to you directly in his word. Every meaningful relationship takes time, energy, and intention for the relationship to thrive; If you take away your time, energy or intention from God and give it to a person…then you are blocking the greatest love that ever exists. Do not lean to the left or right to determine who you should be a Christian, go to your word turn to God. No one on this planet, no matter how confident, safe, happy and seemingly “Christian” can take the place of God in your life. No one.


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