Had a bad day

Today was rough, this season has been difficult, and this year is coming to a close. But… You have made it. In our walk with God we are not promised a stress free life, instead we are given a gift of peace, long suffering , love, self control, and much more. What does that have to do with the struggles in life? Well, the gifts are our line of defense against the struggles that want to bring us down. God doesn’t abandon us during rough times, instead He offers the ability to overcome and even flurish. Pinpoint what gift you need in this time of pain from Galatians 5:22 , pray and ask God to show you your life vest.


Hot Water

Have you ever been taking a bath, enjoying the water , but as time passes you realize that it’s getting kind of warm? What do you do? You turn the knob and allow more hot water to come into the tub. Today I am encouraging you to pour more hot water into your tub. What I mean by this is: typically after a amazing word from God, a revelation, a breakthrough we are excited for a limited amount of time but then the water becomes warm.

I am challenging you today to stay in the tub and pour more hot water in. You pour hot water in by spending time in God’s word, by worshiping, being a blessing to one another, you pour more water in by keeping a positive continence. The temperatures in life will continue to change but we serve a God that does not make us powerless. We have the ability to fill our tub with the abundance of God’s love, provision, and life but you have to choose to stay in the tub don’t give up… You can make it just pour in a little hot water and relax. Selah





You don’t have to go through 2017 trying to figure out the next step on your own. Join me every day for a daily devotion… this year we are reading through the Bible. I guarantee it will change your life! Enjoy

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Jim Rhon- “Happiness is not something you postpone for the the future; it’s something you design for the present.” 

So, I pose the question today – why aren’t you happy?  What obstacle do you believe stands between you and the life you want yourself? If you do not know the answer to that question then may I suggest that you have identified the first problem? Knowing the “issue” is as just as important as knowing the desired solution. Knowing what’s wrong is like wearing an armor of protection, so that when wrong comes knocking on your door, you will not answer!

Tonight, I challenge you to make a list of what makes you happy, then on the other side of the page write what makes you mad. Once you can see a substantial list, you can do a mental evaluation to see if you are entertaining things in your life that bring happiness or pain.  You don’t have to conquer the list in one day, but if you choose to make something on your “happy”  list exist in your life every day, I guarantee you will be better for it. Peace


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It hurts when things go badly

It’s scary when you see wonderful things ahead of you and but pain, disappointment, and anguish stand beside you. You know the scriptures and worship songs that encourage you to go to God, but you haven’t done it yet. Brother, Sister, the time is now- activate the faith you know exists inside of you. The only way you can get out of this hell whole is to say no to the devil. You have to stand on your worship, stand of your knowledge of God, move when God says move even if it’s not comfortable. Change the atmosphere and choose to give God the praise He deserves even when you’re hurting. Pain will come, but the amazing thing is that God is already all around you and your situation. You have to choose God, choose uncomfortably, choose blind love. Peace


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Looks can be deciving

If you are a Christian, it crucial that you develop a relationship with God for yourself. While going to church, and fellowshipping are fortifying to your relationship and walk with God, you should never negate the responsibility you have to become knowledgeable about who God is. The Bible is our gift as Christians to see various dimensions of God. The problem with relying on a person for your salvation is that people are flawed, we as a human beings are incapable of being faultless. So basing a divine relationship with a broken person, is a surefire way of having a life full of confusion and pain. God loves you enough to speak to you directly in his word. Every meaningful relationship takes time, energy, and intention for the relationship to thrive; If you take away your time, energy or intention from God and give it to a person…then you are blocking the greatest love that ever exists. Do not lean to the left or right to determine who you should be a Christian, go to your word turn to God. No one on this planet, no matter how confident, safe, happy and seemingly “Christian” can take the place of God in your life. No one.


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“Change is not something you were born with and can’t change, like your fingerprints. It is something you were not born with and must take responsibility for forming.” Jim Rohn

Just like any other muscle in your body, you can train your lifestyle to be what you desire. I often talk about the power of having a mentor, someone who has been where you want to go. Today I would encourage each and every one of you to have someone positively influencing your life. Namely God, but also someone tangible, that can help you understand your greatest self! You do not have to personally know the person, but it’s important to be able to tap into their perspective when it concerns your dreams.


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