The “why not me” spirit

In life, we come full of reasons why things are not going the way we would like them to; But what if you decided to accept the truth that God did not make a mistake when creating you? What if you decided today that God and His Kingdom full of peace, prosperity, and love is meant for you? The word of God is full of His promise and love. Accept  His love and say…

I choose to say, “why not me.”

A blessing is coming, why wouldn’t I expect it to be mine?

Opening a business…. Why would it succeed?

In a relationship… why wouldn’t you be happy in it?

Today I encourage you to say why not me…. If you want it, Go after it!!!! God wants the best for you… and when you believe it, really believe it then your entire life will change for the better!

#SLiM speak truth live truth


Jim Rhon says: “for every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward.” In this year as we are pushing the limits and accomplishing all that God has put inside of us to do, It’s crucial that we remember there is no success without sacrifice.

Your dream will cost you… sleep, money, time, resources and even comfortability. But isn’t that the point? When you or I am fulfilling a purpose, we are doing something greater than ourselves, usually costing more than we typically have to give.

So today as you make that PB&J sandwich, miss that party, or miss funny moments on social media; remember your goal, your purpose, and your aspiration. Peace

Selah #SLiM


I know its dark

Just because you can’t see in front of you doesn’t mean that God can’t. What God has for you no man, woman, job,  finances, can take from you. The word of God says “greater is He that’s in you than that’s in the world.” Don’t give in when you can’t see God, and you think the world is surrounding you. Instead, my friend when darkness is all around you, that is the time to plug into the only light in the situation… which is God.

Selah- speak truth live truth

#SLiM #intimacychurch


Do you dream alone? We have come into a new year with new goals, and things are going well, but is there another person in the process with you that helps you stay on the path of success?  When you get tired, is there anyone to tell you that you too can make it? If not find someone who will.  Dreamers and Achievers need motivation and encouragement too! Intentionally find someone with the perspective that will not be afraid to be possitve when you just don’t feel up to the challenge.

#SLiM #intimacychurch

Speak truth… Live truth


Have you ever sat in front of the computer angry, frustrated, with how long it’s taking for your page to come up or program to load? The same thing sometimes happens in our relationship with God! We hear a promise, read a word, get a scripture… then we wait. The circle on our screen called life goes round and round, and we begin to loose our initial zeal for the blessing, growth or spiritual advancement. But God wanted me to tell you today to be patient. Your page will load, and when it does, you will have everything it offers.

But you see God is working on some things. There are codes and images that need to be in place first for the page and program to run correctly! God wants you to be able to scroll, comment, click without future problems, so you have to hang in there. If you exit the page before it loads you’ll miss the information. But if you exercise your temperance, patience, and fortitude, you will learn from the page, find pleasure in the program, and get the work done that God has instilled in you.

Selah- Speak truth, Live truth

#SLiM #intimacychurch

We all go through it!

I am so encouraged by this age of Christianity… we are not afraid of being valuable and honest. I would like to make an announcement: just because you’re a Christian does not mean that you do not have a fight. I’m telling every believer… never forget that you need Jesus, that God is the only reason for the “right” in your life. Everyone works on something, just make sure that while your working you keep your eyes on God. Enjoy this worship and come to God in honesty today. #Kirkfranklin #SLiM #intimacychurch

Lose yourself #win

When it comes to a passion or drive God has put inside of us, there are times where we start off strong and then lose momentum when things start looking disparaging. We are months away from our new year’s resolutions, and days away from the breakthrough we shouted about on Sunday. So to my fighters, who know there is more to life I encourage you to lose yourself in your passion. Stop looking left and right and plunged into the “you” that screams when no one is looking. Will you always get it right… no! But if you keep moving in the direction God has placed you in, then one day you will look up and be just where God promised.

I can tell you this because I am living this. I wanted to blog every day with video and effects, but I’ve messed up. But God is bigger than my actions, and He told me to get up and keep moving, and that is just what I’m going to do.  I am human which means I make mistakes, but in God I am perfect, and even my faults work out for my good according to the word of God! Dust those shoulders off, get up, and lose yourself today!  Peace.. Selah

#SLiM #intimacychurh