Back to School Prep

Parents and Guardians,

2020 has opened new doors and introduce us to new skills especially when it comes to schooling. But don’t fear, there are great resources out here in place to help parents no matter what path this school year takes them.

Check out the following tips from

Prepare mentally

1. Set your kids’ sleep schedules back to “school time” two weeks before the first day of school.

2. Use an egg timer to get your kids used to focusing for specific periods of time.

3. Encourage your kids to read at least one (or one more) book before the school year begins.

4. Discuss what your kids can expect on the first day of school so they feel more prepared.

5. Ask teachers for class rosters so you can connect your kids with new classmates.

6. Talk openly with your kids about their feelings about returning to school and be ready to answer any questions. 


See. Learn. Inspire. Make Moves

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