Lose yourself #win

When it comes to a passion or drive God has put inside of us, there are times where we start off strong and then lose momentum when things start looking disparaging. We are months away from our new year’s resolutions, and days away from the breakthrough we shouted about on Sunday. So to my fighters, who know there is more to life I encourage you to lose yourself in your passion. Stop looking left and right and plunged into the “you” that screams when no one is looking. Will you always get it right… no! But if you keep moving in the direction God has placed you in, then one day you will look up and be just where God promised.

I can tell you this because I am living this. I wanted to blog every day with video and effects, but I’ve messed up. But God is bigger than my actions, and He told me to get up and keep moving, and that is just what I’m going to do.  I am human which means I make mistakes, but in God I am perfect, and even my faults work out for my good according to the word of God! Dust those shoulders off, get up, and lose yourself today!  Peace.. Selah


#SLiM #intimacychurh