Sometimes you just have to get the heck up!

So, I was having one of those days where I’m trying so hard to get my monstrous list of “to-do’s” accomplished, but it is as if cement were in my shoes. I tried listening to my favorite music, reading a little… but nothing I mean NOTHING was getting me in the mood to work!

Just then I realized where I was making my mistake. I was waiting for a “feeling” or emotion to hit me and get me on my way. When the truth of the matter was I just needed to get my butt up and start working.

So that is what I have to say to you guys… Sometimes you just have to get you butt up and start doing. The will to work doesn’t have to feel good today, but it will produce well in your tomorrows.  Peace… Selah

#SLiM @intimacychurch