Last Monday I had surgery, and since then an unexpected change in my life has been insomnia! But, I’m not complaining, insomnia gives me the opportunity to read, pray, and listen while the world sleeps. To everything there’s a season… And this must be the season of the night owl. A time to rest, grow and reflect.

So many times as human beings we can be so competitive with ourselves, we chase one season without completing the current one. If your world begins to crumble under you feet, ask God if it’s time for you to move. Learn to live again. Not for a status update, tweet, or instagram response; live because your worth it. Look at every season for what it is, an opportunity to grow and mature. Experience the joy, pain, anger, and gladness because those elements will prepare you for the next level in life. 

Acknowledge your season, and live it freely. Peace

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