What have you done for me LATELY!?!

There is so much power in consistency. When I was young my mother and father always used the quote      ” fortune is in the follow up” why… because the greatest step to success is not innovation but FOLLOW THROUGH. Anyone and everyone has an idea, dream, or aspiration. But, it will only be the one who refused to give up that makes it to the end victorious. The famous song” what have you done for me lately” said yes, you may have done well in the past, but can you be consistent? Where is the fruit of your current labor? The story of the tortoise and the hare sends what message…. the turtle would not stop, he chose consistency, and won. Today I challenge you to be consistent with yourself. If you made a goal to drink more water, drink water, if you said this year you will go to the gym… work it out. Do what you plan to do and don’t stop until the goal is met and you are finished! peace