The nature of Love

Seek to understand the nature and love of God. When we realize God is not a God of boundaries, we can jump higher, run faster, and go farther than ever before. True love, the love of God, inspires, comforts, and develops. For God so loved that He sacrificed, He gave a life for a life. Romeo and Juliet  have nothing on the love that will die for a strangers life. It’s easy to imagine dying for a forbidden love, but what about dying for a rejected love? That is what God did. He knew His love would be misunderstood and rejected, and He chose you and I anyway. We say people, life, and circumstances stand in the way of loving God when in all actuality it’s our inability to understand the truth of Gods love for us. Try to understand God by reading His word, and praying. He’s not who the world says He is.