It’s amazing how we convince ourselves that we have so much time to accomplish life; until a deadline taps you on the shoulder and reminds time of its tardy habits. There are so many things in life I have written down and would love to accomplish, but I have found myself harboring the dreams and desires on paper. They never went into action, making yet another procrastinator in this world. So in light of this realization, I am telling any and everyone to do something today that you didn’t do yesterday. Not just anything, something that encourages your dreams and aspirations. Ignite your imagination and run with it for 30 minutes or an hour. However long is not important, just do it. Trust me, taking time out of your day to push toward your dreams gives you not only a joyful disposition, but allows you to throw pebbles in the pond you wish to cross. If you continue to throw the pebbles in the pond, eventually you can walk on over without getting your feet wet.